Townhouse Venice Beach

Year: 2016
Location: Santa Monica, California. USA.
Area: 4,843sq ft / 450 sqm
Architect designer: Ezequiel Farca
Architect of record: Hagy Beltzberg
Design Team: Cristina Grappin, Adria Martinez, Gabriela Barrera
Photography: Jaime Navarro

In a return to a “townhouse” concept, this apartment in Venice Beach was designed to meet the spatial needs of its residents and house their private collection of contemporary photography. A terrace blends the double height of the living and dining rooms with the exterior, while the open-concept kitchen lends structure to the great room. The rooftop includes a lounge, dining area, Jacuzzi, and grill. The finishes, chosen for the warmth they add to the spaces, feature different wood grains in their accents and furniture pieces.